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Norwegian storehouse
The site was originally a police station. Once the police station moved downtown, the first responders of Westby moved in that site. During their time, the original building burned down. The land was vacant for several years while the City of Westby moved on. Then one day the Stabbur was found on Monroe Johnson’s (of Cashton) farm. Monroe had traveled to Norway and, seeing this unique shape, came back and built one for himself. The City of Westby, wanting the building as their tourism site, sent Elaine Lund to investigate. Monroe agreed to allow it. The Westby Area Chamber of Commerce bought the building and the prep work for transportation began. Reverend Charles Anderson, a minister from Ontario, prepared the Stabbur for transportation. The Vernon Electric crew raised the power lines in Cashton that were too low. Service Organizations donated the remaining money needed for the transportation of the Stabbur from Cashton to its current location. Once the Stabbur was moved to Westby, the Westby Area Chamber of Commerce donated the building to the City of Westby.

In Norway, the Stabbur is used as a storehouse. Traditionally this is the place where courtships began.....

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